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Mar 03,2014 | 

Adopt a Tree

 - Help Owasso Soccer Club continue to grow! OSC continues to improve our complex and provide the best facilities to maximize your soccer experience. We need your your help!!! These funds will help us to plant more trees, pave ...

Nov 14,2013 | 

Teams Donate 2213 lbs of food to Owasso Community Resources

 - Congratulations to the winners of our "Donate Your Weight!" Team Food Drive Challenge.  AMAZING JOB, KIDS!!! 1st Place:  NEOFC Blue 05 Girls, 132% team weight donated 2nd Place: U7 Coyotes, 114% team weight donated

Field Status

09:08 AM | 07/10/14

OSC Game Fields - Closed for Tournament Prep!

09:08 AM | 07/10/14

West Practice Fields - Closed due to Rain and Standing Water!